I am scared.

I am scared.

I am scared.

I am not only scared, but I am also…
sick, numb, in fear, and shaken.
My heart aches.

Women. Latinos. Muslims. LGBTQ.
All these are people that Donald Trump has made violent remarks to.
I now find myself running through my mind,
lists of my Latino, Muslim and LGBTQ friends,
so that I can worry about them.

I want to sign off every text to my girlfriends,
“be safe out there”
because we now live in a country, where being a women is a mark.
You are now property, according to the next president of the free world.

The soon to be, most powerful man in the world,
has rape accusations against him.
I am terrified and disgusted that I would ever have to type those words.

What is more terrifying though,
is that HALF of America heard him say,
he can “grab a women by the pussy,”
that he wants to build a wall, a la, cold war style.
and that he wants an entire religious community to wear special insignia’s on their clothes. (Germany tried, it didn’t quite go to plan…)

They heard the pure hate, racism, xenophobia, and sexism,
and they said,
YES, Rule us.

He is terrifying.
But, what terrifies me more are the many people who overlooked his hate.

My country has allowed hate to fill us,
And they wonder why I have long said,
America is no longer the greatest nation.

I have long since told myself,
that I am strong, that I can not be vanquished, that I am of power.
It’s a different story then women are often told,
But I fear, now I am wrong.
The next president of the United States believes he has the right to my “pussy”,
simply because I am woman.

While I have never been the most patriotic American,
I have always been proud to be from a nation where I am not owned.
My “pussy” does not belong to anyone.
It does not belong to my father, until the day he gives me to a husband.
And it does not belong to a husband or boyfriend or fiancé, simply because we are together.
It has never belonged to anyone.
But now Donald Trump thinks it belongs to him.

So yes, I am afraid and I hurt.
and yes, I fear for every Muslim.
and yes, I fear for every LGBTQ person.
and yes, I fear for every Latino.
and yes, I fear for everyone woman.
And yes, I fear for the world.

donald trump election night.jpg


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