Crying for Brussels

This morning at 8 am local time,
Brussels, Belgium was attacked.
Bombs exploded at the airport and train stations.
13 are dead. Over 30 injured.

The world weeps for the Belgians.
Words like “senseless”, “crazy”, and “tragedy” are being thrown around.
Much like they were when Paris was attacked in November.

The world hurts.
We don’t understand this senseless violence
and these tragedies.

But the question I pose is,
Why don’t we ever weep for Turkey?
For Tunisia?
For Syria?
For all the non-European and American countries that face these same tragedies?

Is it race?
What makes these people not worth our tears?

A Syrian is not synonymous with terrorist,
Much like American is not synonymous with “best in the world”.

Just Saturday, Istanbul, Turkey was attacked.
While thankfully, the death toll is smaller,
The impact of this event shouldn’t be.
Innocent people lost there lives.
That’s the only fact you need to know.
Not their nationality, race or religion,
But that they lost their lives.

For Brussels we have extensive news coverage,
tweets from around the world are pouring in,
And I’m waiting for it, but I assume a Facebook profile picture overlay is coming soon.
Where is that when it is other nations?

I’ve heard people say,
“Well they live in these areas, it’s common.”
But did they choose to live there?
The little kids that were born there are there because it’s all they know.
They’re children, much like you and I once were.
But what’s different for them is that a bomb exploding in their backyard is normal.
If that doesn’t make you want to weep, I don’t know what will.
Do you want to live in a world where a child thinks a bomb is normal?

“Well then why don’t they leave if it’s so bad?”, you say.
Well first off, leaving your home, everything you’ve ever known, your family, your language and your culture is absolutely not easy.
Second off, have you heard of a little thing called the Refugee Crisis that our world is currently facing?
Countries of free people are deciding that their lives and their right to a safe nation to live in is a bigger right than others.

This world has a lot of issues in it.
No one will deny that.
But it’s pretty bad that a radical group of people are attacking this world,
And then this world chooses which of those are important and which are not.
They’re all equally important, because they’re all human lives.

Because you are white,
Because you are Christian,
Because you are American or European,
You are no more important than another human.

Let’s stop weeping for specific cities,
and start weeping for our world.



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