Show me your home.

Take me home.
Show me your hometown.

Show me the woods you walked through on the way to grandma’s house.
Show me the place that used to be the ice cream parlor.
Show me the house you lived in when you found out your whole world was changing.

Introduce me to the family still around,
And tell me the reason you don’t like your uncle,
I promise I’ll hate him too.

Tell me how it hurt to leave this place,
And how it hurts every time you come back,
Because I promise I’ll understand the pain too.

Say hello to people who knew you when you were little and gave you lollipops,
And introduce them to me with a grin on your face, as you’re proud of who you are now.

Show me the places you broke the law with your best friends when you were teenagers,
and we were all just invincible,
because I swear I thought I was too.

Show me, point it out, tell me about it,
Do all of this,
But more than your words and the physical buildings,

I understand your hometown because the joy in your eyes when you hug your best friend after a year away,
or the sorrow in your eyes as you pass the house you learned to walk in and you remember the days as easier then.

Countries, Cultures, Languages, and Lives,
They’re different,
but in the end, we all have that place,
That for better or worse, is our hometown.



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