“Call me true”

Let’s talk about Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner.

First things first, I’d like to introduce anyone reading to a few definitions.
These are simple things you can learn in an intro to sociology college course,
But I’m going to go over them quickly we are all on the same page.

SEX: Either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.

Oxford Dictionary

In even simpler terms this means your sex is visible as birth.
Your sex is determined by whether you have a penis or a vagina.
That, your reproductive functions, is the ONLY criteria of your sex.

GENDER: the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Your gender is in your behavior, your culture and your psychological traits.
That means your gender is in how you act, how you want to be presented as, and how you FEEL inside.
There is no physical determination of gender.

At this point, we all know the story.
Caitlyn Jenner was born Bruce Jenner, whose sex when born was male.
But from a young age Jenner says she knew she was truly a woman.
In her time as Bruce she wasn’t exactly unsuccessful.
She had a fulfilling career as an Olympic Gold Medalist, a true American hero.
Had three different marriages, and has a multitude of children and step-children.
All in all, you would see this life and believe that Jenner was happy.

But Jenner had a secret, and as we all learned officially in April,
Jenner felt,

“for all intents and purposes, yes, I am a woman”

What Caitlyn has done is being hailed as beautiful and heroic,
But really, we should just call it true.
She is finally being true to herself.
She had lived a lie for entirely too long.

Hopefully Jenner’s transition into her rightful body will be helpful to the trans community in our world.
To have someone so prominent, and someone hailed as an American hero,
go through such a public transition is scary, but it’s progress forward in this world.

I learned a long time ago that I was not going to discriminate on someone based on their sexual/gender identity,
Because until you have lived it, you don’t know.
And if you talk badly about this person, it really only reflects on your own closed mind.
And to live life with a closed mind is an awfully scary and ignorant way to live.

A lot of people have said things such as, “He’s making it up”
Are you serious?
Do you really believe someone would go through something so emotionally draining as this, “just for fun”?
Also you should know, years of therapy are required before someone can transition,
And that therapist must approve that they are not in fact “making it up”
So, maybe try doing some unbiased reading for once in your life. 

So I applaud Caitlyn Jenner for this raw and true moment in her life,
I know I am only one person, but if a lot of “one person’s” back Jenner,
Then together, we can be the change in this world we wish to see.

Also, as a Christian, if you’re spewing hate at Jenner, well then that’s an entire different blog post probably.
But here’s my word for the Christians…
Show love. Be like Jesus.
Pray for Jenner,
Not for her to “find his way,” or “stop sinning”
But that during this transition, and really her entire life,
that she may always be surrounded by loving people.

And as my parting word, be mindful of your speech.
Jenner has requested to be called Caitlyn, so use her name,
Jenner has also requested to be referred to with female pronouns, so use female pronouns.



7 thoughts on ““Call me true”

  1. love “And to live life with a closed mind is an awfully scary and ignorant way to live. you rock. great post.

  2. …you left out the part of the definition of “gender” that also says “the state of being male or female” and lists “sex” as a synonym. Not saying this invalidates the rest of what you had to say, but you are basing it on an incomplete definition of the word “gender”, which like many words has more than one direct meaning.

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