Ode to OSU

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?

How do you say goodbye to your life of four years?
How do you say thank you to it as well?

I entered this esteemed institution with lofty ambitions to be a lawyer,
three majors later I left this beautiful campus with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology,
and ready to see the world and change the world.

I came to campus ready to be the perfect sorority girl, dressed in my Lilly prints and Sperry’s, while also being overly obsessed with my Big and my Little.
I left this university rocking combat boots and the color black, but also still overly obsessed with my Big and my Little.

My four years at Oklahoma State weren’t just an education,
I gained all the cliché things; my bridesmaids, stories to tell my kids, and a degree.
But what people don’t see is all the laughs and small moments.

I can still remember moving into Booker Hall,
Eating pizza with my new roommate, Kristin, after our parents left, and thinking,
“Now what?”

The next four years was just a big “now what?”
From every moment in Booker to Tri Delta to the Gingerbread Flat,
we were laughing, making memories and becoming family.

I can never truly describe what my four years were like,
but I know that I became an entirely different person than who I was when I started.

Stillwater and OSU is where I came home to after every adventure;
In my time at OSU I visited 5 countries and visited 8 states.
I achieved my dreams, I met my bridesmaids, and I had the time of my life.

The big memories of course, are the ones in the photographs,
all the spring break trips, date parties, and football games,

but the memories that’ll keep me laughing for the rest of my life are the littler ones.
The late drives down back roads,
my famous party line: “I don’t give my number to strangers”,
the nights of chats late at night in Tri Delta or the floor of the Gingerbread Flat, all of the Netflix binges,
people being able to find me anywhere in Tri Delta, just by my laugh,
Drinking down the bad days, and lifting up the good ones (while still drinking…)
All the popcorn eaten while studying for statistics exams,
not sitting with Tri Delta sister at graduation, but still with sisters I’d found on my own,
All the bad professors (Ellefritz), and all the spectacular professors.
and all the hugs and support my sisters and best friends, who were one in the same, gave me these four years.

While I am beyond excited to live out my dream in Switzerland in only two short months,
I am sad, afraid and nervous to leave behind America’s Brightest Orange and the friendships made.

Oklahoma State University, you’re the best thing that’s ever been mine.

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2 thoughts on “Ode to OSU

  1. this is amazing, just like yourself. i love keeping up with you on your blog. Oklahoma State is going to miss you. ITB

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