Home isn’t a place; Home is you.

Recently I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful state of Tennessee.
Not only was I lucky enough to get to visit a nice state,
But I was also being reunited with 5 of the greatest people I’ve ever met.

In May of 2012 I moved into a tiny village in the mountains of Switzerland,
And met some of my best friends.

These girls are the kinds of friends who don’t know you at home,
But still know everything about you.
They can remember things like, “so that time at Theta Pond?”
And I can say, “What did Ruby do now?”
We weren’t there for these moments, or know these people, but we care for each other and keep up.

Two and a half years after coming home to America, there was a beautiful reunion.
Naomi, New Zealand; Heather, Tennessee; Libby, England; Heather, Canada; and Cate, Iowa.
The moment we were all back, was just like the moments before we all left Switzerland.

We automatically picked up where we had left off.
Laughing, playing questions, and cuddling.
We ate Barbecue, went to museums, hiked and drank.
It was like we had just picked up our lives in the tiny Swiss village and moved it to Nashville, TN.

Sometimes in life you just find people who understand you better than anyone else,
And that you feel so comfortable around to share anything with them.
And it’s amazing to find a large group of them.

Life is simply better with these girls.



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