The nostalgia comes in waves.

It’s that time of year again.
Anyone who prides themselves on being a camp counselor knows that time.
It comes normally after the excitement of Christmas, but often before the last frost reaches the ground.

The camp-sick-when-do-I-go-back feeling.
I’ve gotten this feeling every year of my life, since I was 6 years old.
Growing up in Oklahoma, I would just hang out with my Scout friends, or attend a troop camp.

Once I began working in Colorado it became harder to do that,
So I visit in December.

I’ve just come back from this December’s visit, and as always, my Scout sisters made it a week to remember.
Craft beer, good food, and trips down memory lane.
But what hit this time was… there is no more camp.

In more ways than one.
Magic Sky Ranch is not open again, so I can never return.
And, I graduate in May, which means, it may be time to say goodbye to that part of me.

Leaving Colorado this time was scary.
I don’t know when I’ll ever be back.
Ideally, I’d be on the first plane to Denver tomorrow,
But we all know that isn’t realistic.

Since coming home from Colorado I’ve been overcome with nostalgia.
My two summers at MSR were some of my best,
and the ladies that know me there make me my best.

I think of the highlights of my past two summers, and occasionally the lows.

Were you having a bad day at MSR? Just head right on into Ash’s middle room.
Someone will be in there to talk you through your moments.
Because we’re a sisterhood.

Hungry? You won’t be for long.
Not with all the good food we constantly had coming out of our kitchen.
Orange Cake! Cheese sauce for the cheese steaks! Anything and everything tomato free
You’re all welcome that the kitchen made a lot of alfredo sauce, and I like to share.

There was never a day I didn’t laugh until my sides hurt.
From silly things Scooby said, “John only has one wife right?”
To the insane things our campers say, I love breakfast meats”
Someone was always there to give that look to and just burst out laughing.

Being at Magic Sky generally made you feel good.
For some reason, the ladies I worked with think I’m one of the coolest people.
They always support me, and laugh at the borderline funny things I say.
They genuinely like me, and I’m shocked by it every day.
There is no better thing than to have a true support system that spans this country and a nice little section of this world.
It’s a scary world out there, but we have each other.

And most of all, I found my best friends.
The Southern Cuddle Puddle was founded because of Magic Sky.
Cinderella and Houdini are my life sources.
There is not a moment we aren’t there for each other.
Dory, Dory is my babe. She’s always there to make me laugh.
constantly tell each other about crazy things happening or reminisce about stupid things.
She will be my little sister forever.
Nessie, well I never knew it possible to have a best friend so far away in the world, but still be such good friends.
She’s always there when I need a good moan, or to tell my dreams to.
She’s one of the greatest little blessing, and it all came about because I forced our friendship.
Hell, this girl is willing to travel the world with me!
Yampa is literally who I want to be when I grow up.
It is hard to find someone with such a beautiful soul as her.
And my Super Nova sisters, you are my soul mates.
You’ve seen me cry the ugly tears, laugh the painful laughs, get terribly ill, be a bitch,
And every other thing of day in and day out life,
Yet you love me.

4,800 miles traveled strictly for work,
35 staff members each summer,
7 sessions each summer,
6 days on camp,
5 high ropes elements used,
4 rock walls open,
3 hour all camps on occasion,
2 summers worked,
1 big family.

The best thing is though, we can keep camp magic alive long after the gates of Magic Sky close.
A sweet text, a funny memory, a handwritten letter, or even a care package is enough to brighten a day all over again.

Wherever this world takes us, I cannot wait to spend time “on the loose” with my Magic sisters.
And know, wherever this world leads you, you always have a home in Oklahoma,
And coming soon, in Germany!


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