“And you can’t just take my dreams away–not with me watching”

When they told us the news that rainy July night,
It was easy to distance myself from it.
Ignore it, push it off in to the future.

But then September came, and I was on a plane to Colorado.
The closing of Magic Sky was upon me.
My feelings were a jumbled mess.
On one hand, I was back in a place that meant so much, with my best friends.
On another hand, I’d never be here again.

So thank you Magic Sky, and thank you Becky Saad.
The opportunity of a lifetime was not lost on me.
I loved making Colorado a home,
meeting so many who I will call a friend for life.

Young girls conquered fears of heights.
My arms will never not have splinters from the high ropes.
I had a partner who hugged me when I needed it, and I had a partner who insulted me when I didn’t need it.
But they both taught me about life and who I wanted to be.

Magic Sky,
You gave me a home,
best friends,
a little sister,
chances to talk about Switzerland.

I’ll love you forever.

Now, when I set out to write this blog, I wanted it to be tasteful,
I really did, but what I am about to say cannot be said with any other statement.
I think this accurately depicts what we are all thinking, but I’ll still apologize in advance…

Screw you council.

You said Magic Sky didn’t have a loyal following.
Is that why Ash has been on camp property every year since it opened?
Is that why kids came back 5 out of 7 sessions?
There was a return staff even after the craziness of Summer 2013.
And if it didn’t have a loyal following, why did I spend 300 dollars to be there to see it close?

You said kids wanted a more rustic camp.
What about Veronica? Who is so allergic to foods, she told us MSR was the only camp she was EVER allowed to go to.
What about every little girl who had a fear of the bugs?
What about the Denver Partner girls who cried as they hugged us goodbye, because this was the happiest week of their lives.
Some girls need rustic camping, some girls, well they need our little Hilton camp on the mountain.

Why don’t you try to be honest council, it wasn’t these reasons.
It’s because it’s an expensive camp.

Was I mad when Camp Kate Portwood closed in Oklahoma?
Yes, but I understood.
Councils had merged, and mine wasn’t the only camp closing.
We lost Red Rocks at the same time too.

You sat in your office and looked at the figures, deciding why we didn’t need this camp.
While I spent 6 days a week with children, learning why we needed this camp.

And don’t even try to invite me to work at another property owned by council,
You don’t even know my name.

And you sure as hell don’t know the names of the little girls who need Magic Sky.

Catie. Jenna. Izzy. Veronica. KayKay.
Allie. Caymen. Sarah. Ellie.
And hundreds more…


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