The change is coming.

I wanna see a generation finally waking up inside.

This is it.
This is the time.

My generation is finally in the right position to make the changes the world needs.
In 2012 I decided to self-identify as a feminist.
And since that summer in 2012, feminism has risen in popularity.
But we still aren’t there.

Feminism isn’t about hating men,
Or wanting power over them.
It’s about women being able to walk alone SAFELY.
Being able to accept a drink from a stranger without having to worry.
About being able to walk down a street without being yelled at.


At the beginning of my junior year,
A sister was sexually assaulted.
Everyone took it hard.
It happened right outside our sorority house.
We didn’t feel safe.

I have the pepper spray,
But I’ve never used it.
Would I be fast enough?

I have an app on my phone that I can hold onto when walking alone,
If I let go of it, I have to enter a passcode.
If I don’t enter a passcode the app automatically calls cops to my location.

Apps like that are rising in popularity
And getting more accurate by the day.
And it’s GREAT!



Also, I’m sure everyone has heard of it…
Some MALE students from North Carolina State University have been working on a nail polish that changes color when it comes into contact with any of the date rape drugs.
Now yes, your nails have to literally COME IN CONTACT with the drug,
So you might have to swish your finger around in the drink a bit,
But it’s a start, and it’s brilliant.

While I don’t know the exact stats,
Oklahoma State ranks in the top 5 universities for sexual assaults.
I cannot help but imagine that a handful of those involve date rape drugs.

While these guys haven’t figured out a way to stop rape,
They’re at least helping women be safer,
and better than that… They recognize that there’s a problem that needs to be solved.

Their nail polish has been all over the news lately.
Which means the fact that we as a society have this problem has been all over the news lately.
Which is a start.


I got on Facebook recently and saw a few friends leading me to a link from Playboy.
To say I was concerned about what I would find was an understatement.

It was a flow chart to help men decide whether or not to catcall a woman.
I was a little furious.
Because I get catcalled when I am walking to and from class, and it’s annoying.
Nothing about my Nike shorts and the 100+ degree weather is saying I’m a hottie.

The questions on the flow chart start out like this…
“Is that Booty Bangin?”
If you answer, “It’s like a light knock” you’re lead to no, do not cat call.
And if you answer, “HELLSYA” you’re lead to the next question.

They continue on,
One question being, “Is she literally a cat?”
If you answer yes, you’re allowed to cat call.

At the moment I read this question I started thinking Playboy was just messing with me.
But I kept going.

The final question asks if you know her and if you have both consented to yelling sexual comments in public towards each other.
Only once you say yes to that question are you allowed to catcall the woman.
Playboy had just told men what was up.
Playboy had just called them out.

I can imagine I don’t need to explain what the Playboy company is to you,
I imagine you know.
Which is why it floored me to have this company telling men catcalling wasn’t ok.

So, hat’s off to you, Playboy.



Women are becoming a topic these days.
We aren’t where we need to be,
But we are taking steps towards where we need to be.

We’re living in the time of change,
And maybe, just maybe,
This will become a world fit to raise our future daughters in.

We can teach our daughters things like “If you want to be a CEO, you need to study some more, sweetie.”
Instead of, “don’t walk alone, don’t get raped, and don’t wear revealing clothes because it will provoke men”

So for your future daughters,
Let’s change the world.



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