The kindest words

Something we don’t do enough in our society is tell people what we think of them.
The kindest, heartfelt words of what we mean to someone.

These words can change someones perspective on themselves.
Or simply just truly make their day.

I try to often tell my friends how amazing they are.
And what they mean to me.
But the world gets in my way.

I get busy, bogged down and bummed out.
Some days nothing seems right.
I am often too busy focusing on myself to let others know how great they are.

We don’t give meaningful compliments enough.
Everyone loves to hear good things about themselves.
Maybe it’s because we’re all vain, but regardless, it makes us happy.

This past summer I worked at a summer camp in Colorado,
And yes, it was full of hippies, but we often let each other know how important they were to us.
I could find notes in my mailbox recognizing an attribute about myself.
And you know what… ITS GREAT!

Maybe it’s just me, but I am always genuinely shocked when I find out someone likes me and wants to be my friend.
(I often try to force my friendship upon people…)

Some of the best things people said to me this summer are…

“You have always and will always be my friend. You always have a home in New Zealand.”  —Hanz

“Strong and mighty–gonna change the world. Yes, you are.” —Chipmunk (my boss!!)

“You meant the most to me this summer.”  —Nessie

“I know you will keep changing lives with whatever you do. Like you did mine.”  —Yampa

“You made me feel at home. I also admire your bravery and fearlessness.” —Star

These kinds of words are the words I tell myself when I am having an off day.
Crummy day?
Well my boss thinks I can change the world,
Yampa says I changed her life.
And Hanz tells me I can always come home in New Zealand.
How can I have a bad day when these people and so many more love me?

So let’s not focus on the negatives of our own lives,
Let’s focus on lifting people up.
Take every chance you get to tell someone how cool they are.
Your honest thoughts on them.

Your life is filled with these spectacular people,
Now fill their lives with joy.



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