When I’m wiser and I’m older.

I waltzed into Tri Delta as a freshmen and took one look at those seniors and went,
“damn, they’re old”
I took one look at my G Big, Sarah, who was a junior at the time, and thought,
“Junior year is far off”

Well, junior year has come and gone,
And now… I’m the Ashlyn Pugh of our family.
My G Big is gone, as is my Big.
I’m the head of the family.
My small, small family consisting of me and my Little.

But three years in college taught me a few things, so here it is…
My “Lessons from a senior”
Listen to them, or don’t, but it’s here.

1) The first boy you meet will not be the last.
God Bless.
He wasn’t from Blanchard,
He was in a fraternity,
And he opened doors for me.
In my freshmen eyes, I had found Prince Charming.
In my senior eyes, I thank the good Lord above that one didn’t last…
To spare him embarrassment, I won’t say his name,
But damn, he sucked.
But he did provide stories that my friends and I still chat about to this day,
So thanks for the memories sir.

2) your first BFF may not be your last either.
My first college best friend was named Kristin.
We enjoyed a year and a half of living together,
And happily pledged Tri Delta together.
There were many good memories,
And I will gladly call her sister for the rest of my life.
But as we grew older, we grew apart.
It happens. I’m not bitter.
I love her dearly, and couldn’t have gotten through freshmen year without her.
But we are no longer best friends, and that’s that.


3) That random girl you have class with? She may one day be your best friend.
We lived in the same residence hall my freshmen year.
She was in my recruitment group.
And then we had English together.
Suddenly we were inseparable.
She’s my best friend, and she’s carried me through it all.
I never thought I would say, but thank God for Bruner’s class…


4) Big/Little is a sacred bond, cherish it.
My Big is my best friend.
My Little is my best friend.
I’m lucky to have both of these ladies.
But let me tell you, I’ve tried my absolute hardest to sabotage these relationships.
Without even really trying…
There have been days where I haven’t deserved these ladies, but after a moment or so, they come around and love me again.
I am blessed. Never ever take your Big or your Little for granted.
They’re your family for life now.


5) Spring Break doesn’t have to be about the beach.
Spoiler Alert: I’ve had three college spring breaks and I’ve never been to the beach during them.
Freshmen year I went skiing with a pledge sister and my Big.
Sophomore year I went to Costa Rica.
and Junior year I went to Germany with a friend from high school.
All of these trips were joyous and spectacular.
There were adventures, life lessons, and made friendships stronger.
I wouldn’t take back even one moment of these trips to spend time on the beach.
Spring Break doesn’t have to be for drinking and sun, it can be for an adventure and seeing things you wouldn’t normally.

IMG_0597 DSC00797 DSC_0443

6) Treat your body right, don’t drink cheap.
I won’t do it. I just won’t.
I’m not saying drink the most expensive alcohol you can find.
But I’m saying don’t drink the cheapest.
Your way less likely to get sick if you treat your body right and have alcohol that isn’t 1 step above rubbing alcohol.
Hangovers are terrible. Drink quality. Help prevent hangovers.

7) Be yourself.
Let me tell you a secret,
I read way too much TSM before I started college.
I thought I needed to look and act a certain way to be a good sorority girl.
Thankfully, I gave up that hoax and my sisters still love me.
(That’s how you know you’re in the right house)
But now I’m me, not what the internet told me to be.
My favorite hobby isn’t scouting out boys, it’s hiking and camping.
My clothes aren’t all preppy, I tend to wear combat boots.
I don’t even know how to curl my hair…
But it’s all right, I’m me.

8) If Starbucks can’t fix it, you have a real problem.
I can make a mountain out of a mole hill, as the saying goes.
Ask my roommate, there is always a crisis.
Sarah properly knows the way to fix this is, a trip to Starbucks.
If I am still moaning after a Starbucks latte and a cruise around the town,
The problem is real.
Sarah will proceed accordingly.
(She’s my BFF, I’m pretty grateful)

9) S.T.U.D.Y.
I used to think “I won’t remember the nights I spent studying, I’ll remember the nights I didn’t spend studying”
Then I realized, I’m an idiot.
I may not remember the nights I spent studying, but I will sure as hell remember flunking out of college.
I’ve made some bad grades in college.
It hasn’t been terrible, but enough to have to entertain the idea of possibly being kicked out of Tri Delta.
(Three semesters of a 2.4 or lower GPA will get you axed)
So I finally kicked my butt in to gear realizing my pin was on the line,
And landed myself a 3.5 GPA for the semester, the highest I had achieved any semester.
Apparently, if I put my mind to something, I CAN do it,
Which is what my parents have been telling me forever…

10) Don’t lose the Lord.
Saving the best for last.
Don’t lose sight of the Lord when you’re in college.
It’s easy to do.
Thankfully I had some really great help with this.
My first semester in college there were three extremely influential people who helped me with this.
My Big, who also happens to be Methodist, went to church with me every Sunday, and she even picked me up.
Corbyn Wheeler took me to Overflow every Tuesday night.
And Cody Faulkenberry bothered me about going to the ATO bible study every week until I finally started going on a regular basis.
Without those three I don’t know what could have happened, but I am so grateful for people like them.
The Lord is a constant in my life, to lose that would be to lose it all.

College has been a whirlwind ride,
And I know more adventures await me when I arrive in Stillwater for the last year.
And more adventures await me once I cross that stage in May,
But I’m just going to buckle in and enjoy.
(While keeping up with my school work, of course)

I'd say I've changed a bit since freshmen year.

I’d say I’ve changed a bit since freshmen year.


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