I have dreamed on this mountain.

The meeting started like any other.
We did some kudos.
We talked about the session.
We did unit assignments.
And suddenly my boss said,
“The next thing we need to talk about sucks…”
And we all waited with bated breath to hear the words that unfortunately every adult Girl Scout knows…
“Camp is closing.”

I was 17 years old the first time
I heard those words.
It crushed me.
I hated Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma for closing my home.
So I ran away, and I came to Girl Scouts of Colorado.
Just for them to do the same thing to me.

I’ve worked at Magic Sky Ranch for two summers now,
And while many would say that’s only a short time,
I have gained so much.
I have made lifelong friendships.
I have impacted little girls lives.
I have strengthened my knowledge of challenge adventure.
I have even worked on my German skills with some of our worldly campers.
I have seen beautiful views and met even more beautiful souls.
Just today, I built a rope bridge like the army.
And I planned for more summers to come.

My heart shatters into a million pieces when a camper says,
“Will you be here next year?”
And I think, No sweetie, no one will…
“I’ll see you next year!”
And I think, “I hope you remember me in years to come…”
“I love it here! I can’t wait to come back!”
And I think, maybe someday sweetie…

Council has given their reasons, and made their decisions.
I won’t speak on the reasons or anything, because they are my employer and I respect them for these chances.
But I will not say I agree with the decision.

I am with a joyous heart for those who get their home of Sky High Ranch back next summer, but I ache for those who lose their home.

“I have dreamed on this mountain since first I was my mothers daughter, and you can’t just take those dreams away, not with me watching…”







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