Professional Girl Empower-er.

The days are long.
The pay is little.
and some days, the tensions are high.

I’m talking about my job.

I’m a Girl Scout camp counselor,
Or as I like to say, “a professional girl empower-er”

When asked “How is the summer going?”
I normally say, “We have good days, and we have bad days”
It’s all right to not act like it’s sunshine and daisies every day.

But at the end of every day, I think back about why I do this job.

It’s for the campers.
Campers like Sarah, like Catie, like Nennifer, like Katie (Elvis), and all the other hundreds that I impact.
These girls, ranging from 6 to 16 adore me.
Simply because I’m there and I have a love to give.
I give them experiences they don’t get everywhere else.

Going to Girl Scout camp as a child is a large reason I am who I am.
So I want these girls to have the same experience.
I want to change lives.
and I believe I do that.

At the end of the day this job is not about the pay.
Or the lack of strawberries on the salad bar at breakfast.
Or the wild adventures on my time off.
It’s all about empowering the young girls to become leaders, game changers, worldly citizens.

As a child, Girl Scout camp was my world.
I learned horseback riding, photography, foreign customs, and an appreciation for nature.
All of which are still things I find important today.
I met staff that to this day are my role models, and I still go to for guidance.
I want girls to leave Magic Sky with a love of Challenge Adventure and with me as a role model.

While I’m out here in Colorado doing what I am doing,
I will miss friends birthdays.
I will miss a good friend coming home after a year of being away.
And I will miss chances to visit new places or old friends.
All of these things I am sad about missing.
But in my 14th year of Girl Scout camps, I know that this is where I belong.

At the end of a week of camp I am tired, I am dirty and I am irritated.
But the girls are happy, full of joy, and ready to tell their parents about their week.
So yes I may do one of the hardest jobs, but every single moment is worth it.

Sweet little ones at Piggy Party.

Sweet little ones at Piggy Party.

Joyous moment: Pinning my little Katie as an official CIT.

Joyous moment: Pinning my little Katie as an official CIT.


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