We need to talk about Isla Vista…

This past Friday a man, who I will not call by name, because he doesn’t deserve it,
Went on a rampage through Isla Vista in California near the campus of the University of California Santa Barbara.
He killed 6 people, two of whom were my sorority sisters.

Why did he do this you ask?
Because he was a 22-year-old virgin.
He claimed to be the perfect man, but had been rejected by women all his life.
Sir, you killed 6 people, you are nowhere near perfect.

His plans involved going into a sorority house on campus to kill ever “spoiled blonde” he saw in there.
He banged aggressively on the door of a sorority house and got no answer,
So he gunned down three Tri Delta’s on the lawn.
1 survived, sadly, 2 did not.

I lived in my Tri Delta chapter for a year, and I can easily say, you let your guard down inside that house.
It was a house of about 80 girls, so if I heard to doorbell ring, I’d answer it, assuming it was a guest for another sister.
Most girls in the house would do the same.
It’s our home, we feel safe there.

After that he went on a rampage and killed others.
Let me remind you, he did this because he’d never had sex.

You sir aren’t the only 22-year-old virgin in the world.

To make this worse, people were actually sympathetic for the shooter.
Comments made on an article about him were things like,
“See girls this is what you get for treating nice guys like shit”
and “I don’t blame guns. I blame blondes.”
and “I feel bad for him. Rejection is agony.”
NEWSFLASH: This scum wasn’t a “nice guy”, obviously…
Also, most people have been rejected.
I have, but I moved on with life, I didn’t take the life of 6 people.

But twitter has taken this shooting and turned it around.
The hashtag, #YesAllWomen has been created, and it’s calling society out on its shit.

I’m a feminist.
I know you’re shocked, right?
But this hashtag is brilliant.
Some tweets behind the hashtag are:

#YesAllWomen Because I am so tired of women having to learn rules for safety, when men should be learning rules for behavior.”

“If you think #YesAllWomen is an attack on men, you’re not listening to women. Which is kind of the problem”

“Statistically, the biggest threat to men is heart disease. Statistically, the biggest threat to women is male violence. #YesAllWomen

Did you catch that last one?
Men’s biggest threat is heart disease.
Women’s is MEN.

As a women I’ve been taught not to get raped,
And I have to constantly worry if what I am doing makes me a target.
And if I am raped, these days, there is a high likelihood that someone will say, “it was her fault, she…

And if you think that #YesAllWomen isn’t necessary or an attack on men…

So here it is,
I refuse to use the shooters name,
however, here’s the names that need to be said…

Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez
Veronika Weiss
Katie Cooper
Cheng Yuan Hong
Weihan Wang
George Chen

Those are the names we need to remember.
Those who innocently lost there lives.



3 thoughts on “#YesAllWomen

  1. The “If you think #YesAllWomen is an attack on men, you’re not listening to women. Which is kind of the problem” tweet is particularly important. So many blokes are taking this personally.

    But the scope that the hashtag has reached is awesome it’s showing just how prevalent and pervasive the problem is.

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