Date Someone Who…

Every one has seen them.
The multitude of blog posts of, “Date someone who…”
Date a boy who writes,
Date a girl who travels,
Date a boy who sings,
Date a girl who dances.
You get the picture.
Every where you turn there is another article telling you who to date.

Girls who travel and girls who dance are great,
(I do both…)
Boys who write and sing sound fabulous as well.

But here it is…

I’m officially a senior in college now,
And I’ve been around plenty of girls my threes years here,
And 9 out of 10 are focusing way too much effort on finding “the one”

I believe full heartedly that “the one” is out there.
But I do not believe in searching for him.

Girls latch on to a guy and just decide he’s “the one”,
When in reality all your friends think he sucks,
And you’re just convenient for each other.

Before your parents even knew your name,
The Lord had it all mapped out for you.
He knew every thing.
Which means, he still knows every thing.

The man, or woman, you’re meant to marry is out there.
You will find them eventually, so why stress out in the search?

I cannot tell you how many times friends and I have had life chats about women just ready to drop everything for the first man who comes along.

Ladies, are you tired of men acting like we are objects?
Well then maybe it’s high time you stop acting like they own you.
There, I said it.
You look desperate.
And it is not cute.

Go off into this world and find your own bliss.
Don’t settle.

Backpack through Europe.
Move to a city where you know no one.
Learn a hobby you never thought you could.
Make a bucket list, and then DO the bucket list.

We live in a huge world,
And we, our lives, and the people in our lives,
Only take up a mere speck on this world,
So go and see it,
Dare to dream big, and dare to achieve those dreams.

Go. Run. Adventure. and Be Free.

You cannot know yourself if you never have time with yourself.
And you know what, you need to know yourself and be assured in yourself as a person
Before you can commit to a long-term relationship or marriage.
Because infidelity touches 80 percent of marriages,
(That’s only the people legally bound to each other… that doesn’t even mention those not legally bound)
and if it touches yours, which there is a high chance it will,
Or there is a high chance some other heart break will,
You need to know who you are without your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend.

I’m not saying every single person in a relationship right now is in the wrong one.
I am just saying, maybe take step back, and look at it unbiased.
And if you cannot give it an unbiased view, ask a well-meaning friend for her honest advice.

If I had settled for the first man who came my way in college…
I’d be a perfectly content farmer’s wife in a few years time.
That isn’t me, and you all know it.
I’m a farmers daughter, not a farmer’s wife.

Because there’s an epidemic,
and it’s women settling for Mr. Convenient instead of Mr. Right.

And when you find Mr. Right,
He’ll admire those wild adventures you had, where you learned who you are.




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