I found what I didn’t know I was looking for.

Friendships are weird.
They can come quickly, they can go quickly, they can take years to build…
There are just a lot of options.

I’ve never considered myself good at making friends.
This is probably due in part to during my formative years of friendship making I hung out with only Katy.
And I’m ok with that.

Now I know a lot of you are reading this and thinking I’m silly.
“What, Sarah, she’s a social butterfly!”
Yes, yes I am.
I can talk to almost anyone.
And in the life that I lead (constantly going on adventures)
I make a lot of friends.

But often times they aren’t those deep, can talk about it all, change your life type friendships.
Because I serve a magnificent God, he was able to see my junior year had some curves coming up.
So that powerful man gave me some of the greatest rocks of my life.

In this blog post I don’t want to discount my friendships in my life,
because I have some pretty amazing ones,
However, this is to highlight those “change-your-life friendships” I’ve gained this year.

The God Given Gifts

June 2013, I met these two beauties at my job.
I was honestly intimidated by both of them.
I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with one,
And the other one I was pretty sure hated me.

After my summer I headed back to the great state,
and chatted with these ladies on occasion.
And out of nowhere, around October or so,
I started talking to them EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I guess it was me who started the group message,
And it really only started out as a way to give them the details of my upcoming trip to Colorado.
The other two didn’t even have each other’s numbers prior to this.

But God was like, “you three need each other”

I have no idea exactly how the flip switched so dramatically,
But now we do not go a day without talking.
I can send a message, “Hey need prayers for….”
And I’ve got prayers flooding in within seconds.
Or, “Hey y’all, I need help…”
And they’re problem solving within minutes.

We talk about it all.
We aren’t ashamed of anything.
And feelings are never discouraged.

In just this short year,
We’ve celebrated each other successes,
Felt each others pains,
Counseled each others thoughts,
And prayed continuously for each other.

They’re my rocks.
I’d be lost without them.

The Crazy Connection

“Who is this kid?”
Often the question I get about this friendship.
The answer goes something like this…
My Big… His Big… Dating… But we met at… Graduated… Germany…
Most people smile, nod, and never actually follow my story.

Here’s the breakdown.
My Big sister in Tri Delta is dating his Big brother in their fraternity.
Then him and I met at a party. (So college right?!?!)
Realized we shared a set of Bigs, and that we shared an interest in Germany/German.
Didn’t talk a lot after that.

(But really, why did our Bigs not introduce the two weirdos who like to speak German, it’s still beyond me…)

This man then graduates and fulfills my life dream and just moves off to Europe.
I’m not 100% sure of the details on what all happened next,
But the next thing I know we are contacts on Skype.

One day my Skype started ringing, cause he was calling…
I shut my laptop.
Then we set a time and date for Skype,
And I tried to make an excuse to get out of it.

And new people scare me.
That’s not even a joke.
I actually suffer from anxiety, and skyping with him for the first time literally petrified me.

Have you ever had that friend where you’re like,
We are a lot alike, and nothing alike, all at the same time.
That would be an accurate description of this friendship.

But I’ve been in his position before,
Across the ocean, questioning what friendships will be there when you return.
I understand how much a Skype call with someone in America can mean.

And though he hates balisto bars and laughs at my sloth love,
he did buy me Swiss cookies, and that’s a pretty swell friend.

A Skype call with him is always a refreshing break from the hectic college life, even if just for an hour or so.

So all in all, I’m never going to understand friendships.
I’m also not going to understand how within an hour of having a heart to heart with my two “Southern Babes” about how much our friendship has helped us all,
That The German’s sister and I had a conversation about how grand that friendship is.
(Sorry, but ‘The German’ nickname has stuck…)
God is clearly telling me I have better things in my life than stressing about upcoming finals.

I do know though,
I’m going to continue these ones mentioned above, and many others.
I only hope in the years to come I can be blessed with many more amazing and Christ-centered friendships.



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