She loved life, and it loved her right back.

I. Am. Lucky.

End of story.
I am one of the luckiest people I know.
I’m not bragging, I just have crazy luck.

Maybe what they say about me is true.
They call me a go-getter, a dreamer, qualified.
Maybe they’re all wrong, and it’s luck.

Let me explain…

I was 17 years old.
We’d gone to Dallas for the day to do some shopping.
It was fall break of my senior year, and I was letting my worries slip away for the day.
My mum and I wandered into a college spirit shop in the Galleria Mall.
I decided it was time to buy my first Baylor shirt, since it looked like I might be going there.
The shop didn’t have any though, due to Baylor’s licensing laws.
I called Baylor prissy, left the shop, and continued my day.
When we got home that evening, an orange envelope was waiting for me.
I was lucky…
I wasn’t a Baylor Bear, I was an OSU Cowboy.
Afterall, the Lord did say he’d lead me by still waters.

August 2011.
Ok, I don’t care if you have the happiest recruitment story ever…
Recruitment as the potential new member SUCKS.
Long days, high heels, 100+ temperatures, new towns, new faces.
It can all be a little overwhelming.
I’d been in love with Tri Delta since day one.
And by day one, I mean high school.
Like my friends used to say, “when you’re a Tri Delta…”
I knew I needed an open mind, and couldn’t get my hopes up.
But when that bid card came, my heart was pounding.
I opened it up,
I was lucky…
I was running home to the blue and gold!

Sheer joy after getting my bid.

Sheer joy after getting my bid.

July 2011 I sent in an application to Our Chalet in Adelboden, Switzerland.
Knowing my chances were probably low, Queen J (that’s my mum), kept reminding me not to get my hopes up.
“You’ll know by December.”
“You’ll know by January.”
“You’ll know by February.”
Finally, February came and went, and I gave up.
I let the Swiss dream slip far into the back of mind.
I didn’t want to be upset.
But then, in March, I was in Colorado on a ski trip and I got an email.
I was lucky…
It told me I’d be joining the Our Chalet family in May.

Minutes before my life changed.

Minutes before my life changed.

Knowing that Switzerland was likely to not happen,
I searched for a summer camp to work at during the summer of 2012.
I found a camp with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri.
And decided that was where I wanted to be.
I’m still curious to why Missouri sounded like fun to me… but ok…
I was lucky…
They wanted me too.
On a weird coincidence, they offered me the job the day after Our Chalet,
So I had to turn it down.
They understood, and said, “You’d  be crazy to come to Missouri instead of Switzerland.”

I’d been home from Switzerland for less than a month when a sister pointed out a poster in our sorority house.
“Evergreen 2013, a Delta Delta Delta journey in leadership”
It was a trip with Tri Delta nationals to learn about leadership while exploring Costa Rica.
Much my mothers dismay, I applied.
I assured here, “there is no one I’ll actually get this trip”
The date I was supposed to know by came… and it went…
The next morning in Econ, I opened up my emal,
And I was lucky
I’d been selected to go on Evergreen.

Throw those Delta's all around the world!

Throw those Delta’s all around the world!

After a life-changing summer in Switzerland,
Summer 2013 started to loam near.
I applied for two different positions in two different councils.
Girl Scouts of Alaska,
And Girl Scouts of Colorado.
Both camps seemed to offer the adventure that I had grown accustomed to in the Swiss Alps.
I was lucky…
Both camps offered me jobs.
I took the job with Girl Scouts of Colorado.
Many people were confused why I would turn down Alaska.
But I drove my 13 hours to Red Feather Lakes, and never looked back.

My rock wall at Magic Sky Ranch.

My rock wall at Magic Sky Ranch.

Maybe you’re seeing a trend, but Summer 2014 started to creep up on me…
Deciding to become an adult, I applied for an internship with the United States State Department.
This internship would have me working the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, Poland.
I was lucky…
I was selected as the alternate.
After filling out 64 pages of information on myself (and every foreigner I know…)
I began my process to gain secret level security clearance.

Also knowing that this internship was unlikely,
I applied to camps in two different councils.
Girl Scouts of Colorado (same camp, same position, same boss),
And Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada.
Having not broken any rules and performed my job well at GSCO summer 2013,
My boss was yet again interested in hiring me, and was willing to wait on news of my internship.
GSSN’s camp is being run by a friend from Our Chalet,
She knows my qualifications, she’s practically handpicked me.
She’s been a supportive friend for quite some time now in my life.
I was lucky…
Both councils wanted me.

With all of this being said…
Without further ado,

My plans for Summer 2014:
Challenge Adventure Specialist at Magic Sky Ranch in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.

Back to my alter-ego I go!

Back to my alter-ego I go!

So many opportunities, and I was lucky to have all of them.
I chose not to continue pursuing the U.S. State Department internship,
I would not officially know about the position until mid-April,
And that did not necessarily mean I would receive it.
I also chose not to go to California to work for Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada, and my dear friend Stefanie.
While I know someday Stefanie and I will cross paths again professionally, I felt like this wasn’t the summer.

I owed MSR another chance, to be a better staff member.
I couldn’t leave the many friends in Colorado, one of which is easily my best friend.
I am spoiled at MSR, yes, it IS the Hilton of Girl Scout camps.
I needed to see my campers again, many of whom I made amazing connections with.
And I was lucky they wanted me back.

Can we have some Orange Cake as celebration? 



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