“Will we see a sloth?”

Whitney Lisenbee, you changed my life.

I was jet-lagged, and shuffling through my sorority house one September day.
Whitney noticed a poster on our bulletin board that advertised going to Costa Rica with nationals.
I looked over the poster, thanked her for thinking of me, and forgot about it.

About a week later, I passed that poster again, and saw that it was the last day to apply,
And I thought…
Why the hell not?

I didn’t ask permission from my parents,
I didn’t tell the whole world I’d applied.
I finished my application in 10 minutes tops.
Sent it off, and forgot about it.

October 16, I opened my email in Econ,
And an email sat there daring me…
“You’ve been selected for Evergreen 2013”

Oh no.

That was my thought, not excitement.
How will I tell my parents?
How will I tell my chapter?
Costa Rica and Puerto Rico are the same right?

My parents were less than thrilled, but agreed it was a good opportunity.
So after emptying out my savings account from the money I’d earned in high school,
I boarded my plane in March 2013.

I didn’t know what waited for me when I landed,
But what I found was…
Sisterhood is a national connection.

I found some of the most caring, driven, beautiful women I’d ever met in my entire life.
Before I went on this trip, there were days where I questioned the choice I’d made on bid day,
These ladies took those fears and smashed them.
These ladies lifted me up, supported me, and carried me.
As many of them continue to do to this day.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I could meet such fabulous women,
And have the deep connection that I do with them,
Just through a trip to Costa Rica,
But I do.

We had some pretty crazy adventures while on Evergreen…
Most definitely being labeled as ginger prostitutes with Aubrey.
Eating any cheese we could find with my fellow Okie girl Devin.
Fizzy Peaches with Hannah.
Using each others heads as our pillows with Megan.
Being intimidated by Ashley, but then realizing she’s way too sweet to be afraid of.
Learning about bug’s sex life.
Crying when I saw my first sloth.
Being on our lesbian honey moon with Jordan.
Making Costa Rican fudge with Katie.
Anne talking me through my fear of water and white water rafting.
Zip lining with the national president of Delta Delta Delta, Miss Cari Cook.
And drinking coconuts on the side of the road.

I could go into detail on all of these adventures, but we’d be here for years.
But every memory is a happy one,
I was inspired by these women more than I’ll ever be able to tell them.

To my Evergreen sisters,
A year later, and I still miss you just as much as I did when we all said goodbye.
You changed my life,
I am forever grateful,
And I love you.

Hannah and I bonded over fizzy peaches... This is not a lie.

Hannah and I bonded over fizzy peaches… This is not a lie.


I do love Hannah, does my face not show it?


Don’t let the scenery fool you, we just learned about bug sex lives.


Evergreen Roomies.


Making fudge with Katie.


My giraffey, my bestie, my sister.




Phi Upsilon likes me because I take good recruitment photos.


Rival schools, same Delta love.


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