Customs thinks you’re weird if you pack pancake mix.

Yesterday I chatted for a few minutes with my friend living in Germany.
Let’s just call him, The German.
(Just gave my first official blog code-name. Let’s make it stick people)
Anyways, I asked him if there were any American snacks he needed me to bring over when I am in Germany in 18 days.
He said a KFC meal,
and I was like “are you my dad?”
Jokes. I didn’t say that, but I thought it.
(Fun Fact: I’ve never eaten KFC willingly, it has always involved Kevin Labude dragging me there)

I asked The German this because I know when I lived in Switzerland,
I lasted about 2 weeks before I asked my mom to send Goldfish and sour punch straws.
(Kudos to Queen J for knowing I needed the blue straws, you da best ma!)

I also know that every time I go to Switzerland I have a list of foods my sister needs…
Ranch dressing.
Cream cheese icing.
Pancake mix.
I always happily oblige.

The Swiss Sis.

The Swiss Sis.

But all of this made me start thinking about the foods I miss from Switzerland.
So, listed below are my most missed foods.
In order of importance of course…

(7) Raclette
The concept of Raclette is a weird one.
It just is.
Ask my roommate and my family that I’ve forced this on…
Hear me out.
You literally take a slab of cheese.
(a certain type I might add…)
Put it in a tray thing, melt it, and pour it over a potato…
This whole process requires you have a Raclette grill–
Like this is the elitist world.
It’s magical.
Thank God I have Swiss family who showed me what I was missing all my life.

(6) Katy’s bread pudding
Ok, so this isn’t Swiss, but it happened in Switzerland.
Like who is this woman?
She’s probably a mermaid.
Because she can straight up cook.
Little known fact, mermaids make the best cooks.
(Yes, that’s a made up fact… But I think Katy proves its validity)
Like chocolate bread pudding.
It’s literally bread with a chocolate mixture on it, that’s all…
And I could eat an entire pan.
And I have…
There is no shame, and calories don’t count in Europe, right?


One of the many meals made at Our Chalet.
(The mermaid Katy is next to me)

(5) Rösti
I can actually picture all my fellow Vollies rolling their eyes at this one.
But I love it.
I’ve loved it since the first time I had it at 16.
It’s hash browns with toppings.
That’s the best way to put it.
But it’s so much more than that…
I think it may be a way of life…

(4) Rivella
“A lactose based soft drink”
Yes, that sounds disgusting.
Yes, it takes getting used to.
Yes, I thought it was alcohol the first time I had it…
Turns out it isn’t, but I didn’t let my 17-year-old self be too disappointed, and I kept drinking.
It also comes in three versions: Rot, Blau and Grün.
You can pick your favorite!
But no one likes grün… Unless some man gives it to you for free outside Migros… Then I’ll drink it.

happiness in a bottle.

happiness in a bottle.

(3) Brezel König 
Translated that means pretzel king.
And it’s right.
I have never had a pretzel from this place that I didn’t love.
I know my love began when I was 16,
and then I was super upset to find out at 17 that these weren’t in Germany.
(this is why Germany will always take second place in my heart…)
You can get a pretzel that’s sliced open with butter in between the two slices.
Or one with melted cheese in it.
Or one covered in sunflower kernels.
When I was 16 I successfully ordered, in fluent German, mine and two of my friends orders.
It was a very emotional moment for me.
And you can also hide it in your carry-on backpack and eat it when you land in America…
We’ve all made choices we aren’t proud of, and that’s mine.
(That’s a lie, I’m totally proud of that)

(2) Hazelnut yogurt
Ok, so much to my mothers dismay…
I hate yogurt.
I don’t know, I’ve just never been into it.
Like I tried gogurt even as a kid, and I wasn’t having it.
But THIS, this stuff, I’ll eat by the gallons.
We just happened to have it once when I was in Switzerland at 16,
and now I literally crave the stuff.
Every time we go to a new supermarket, I search.
And then I just get sad… So many yogurt flavors in America… No hazelnut.
Though the guy at Crest in Norman told me he could order it for me.
But I’m pretty sure he was flirting with me, so I don’t trust him.

I was 17 and took a selfie with yogurt... Obviously preparing for this very blog post.

I was 17 and took a selfie with yogurt… Obviously preparing for this very blog post.

(1) Balisto bars
It’s a breakfast bar, covered in chocolate.
If you eat one, you will eat a million.
You will find yourself sneaking into the kitchen of where you work in the middle of the night to get one…
We’ve all been there.
I have no shame.

Yeah… So…
I just wrote a blog about food.
As a good friend once (read: million times) told me…

“Ain’t no shame in my game”


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