Your crazy is showing, you might want to tuck that back in.

Lately at the Gingerbread Flat,
(That’s my apartment for those that don’t know)
Anyways, lately, we’ve started a lot of sentences with, “A true friend…”
And then list of something really ridiculous that apparently makes me and my roommate Sarah, “true friends”

So the following is a list of 10 things that makes Sarah my “true friend”
Some of the items are things her and I have said previously to each other,
And some I added in once I gave it some thought.

So here’s to you Sarah,
My roommate, my best friend, my identical twin sister, and my number 1 ally.

(1) A true friend… eats your pinterest recipes.
I have an obsession with Pinterest recipes.
I could try to state that more eloquently,
But when it boils down, I. Am. Obsessed.
So a lot of dinners at the GBF (Gingerbread Flat) have been Pinterest recipes.
Thankfully, most have turned out well.
We’ve enjoyed pastas with bacon, crock pot ideas, and chicken with cheez-itz on it.
But some… They’re just bad…
An “apple pie breakfast” that was sour and had less than lovely looks.
A pasta dish where there was so much sauce that we couldn’t find the noodles.
And an attempt at risotto…
And Sarah never holds it against me.
We just mutually agree to delete that recipe and move on.
(Unless it’s the risotto… Then we go to Panda)

(2) A true friend… drives you to your 10:30 class.
For being an avid hiker,
I sure hate walking to class.
Probably because lately the weather in Oklahoma has matched that of Antarctic.
Thankfully I have Sarah who will wake up and drive me to my 10:30 at the NRC,
Even though her first class of the day isn’t until 2:30.
She will also pick me up from class.
Fully expecting me to drive her and pick her up from classes as well.

(3) A true friend… sits with you while you clean.
Any one that knows me knows, I struggle with keeping my room clean.
I don’t know why.
But I’ll clean and then two days later, it’s a mess again.
It’s the Gemini in my, I swear, I get bored with something, just drop it there, and leave it.
I also do not have the attention span to clean.
But Sarah recognizes this struggle, and will gladly sit in my doorway or on my bed while I clean.
Just so someone is there making sure I do it.
(If you’re wondering, yes I still do need to be parented, obviously)

(4) A true friend… knows which songs to turn up.
Story of my Life by One Direction is currently my obsession.
I’m not even ashamed.
I’m a camp counselor, so I just say “Oh my campers made me like One Direction!”
It’s less than truthful, but I’m not a BIG fan… I just appreciate some of their songs.
Sarah knows this, and she knows anytime it’s on the radio, to just lean right over and turn that up.
Also, she doesn’t judge my undying love for anything and everything Lorde.

(5) A true friend… takes care of you when someone dies.
2013 was a rough year for me.
A boy in my town passed away.
And my grandfather passed away.
When Ace died, I was a mess, I didn’t go to class that day.
And I sat in my bed, not moving for a few hours.
Sarah didn’t ask me about it, or how I felt, or anything.
She just took me to Starbucks, which was a small gesture, but it was a mutual unspoken understanding.
And when my Pop-Pop died, she hugged me and gave me a box of tissues, even though she hates tears.
One of my coping mechanisms for death is to make jokes, yes I know that’s probably not good…
But Sarah doesn’t (outwardly) judge them.

(6) A true friend… knows the name of your stuffed animal.
Sarah and I are actually five-year olds.
We both brought our childhood stuffed animals with us to college.
Ain’t no shame in our game.
Anyways, it takes a true friend to know the name of your sweet childhood friend.
Sarah’s is Snuggy.
Mine is Bear.
(Why yes, I am known for my originality)

(7) A true friend… has life crises with you.
A real friend doesn’t judge your freak outs.
She’s lying on the living room floor, freaking out with you.
Most of these are conversations about the single life, or where we are going in life.
We’re Juniors and people are really beginning to plan our lives out…
All we know is Sarah doesn’t want to live in Oklahoma, and I want to live in Germany.
Also, with the insane amount of engagements and drops lately for our Tri Delta sisters,
We’ve had a one too many conversations about our single status…
At least we had a hot Valentines date with each other.

(8) A true friend… will remind you of that time you went a little too crazy.
Best Friends cannot judge you.
Well they can, but they love you too deeply to really be mean about it .
Sarah and I sometimes get a little wild.
And we are always there to remind each other of the time we took it a little too far.
Like Mom’s Day 2013, I’ll always remind Sarah of that one…
And Sarah will always remind me of “deer hunting”
Basically, we’re both always going to remind the other one of the year of 2013,
Because, yes, it was that WILD.

(9) A true friend… goes on the most random trips with you.
Feeling like a trip to the Jenks Aquarium and then into Tulsa for some German food?
What about a late night drive to small town Kansas?
Or the Route 66 icons of the Blue Whale in Catoosa, OK, or Pops in Acardia, OK?
What about forgetting your hair straightener back in Blanchard?
A true friend will take all those journey’s with you.
And let’s be honest, with Sarah and I, Sarah will drive us on those adventures.

(10) A true friend… steadfastly loves.
Did I just rip this off of Tri Delta’s open motto?
Why yes, yes I did.
“Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another”
But luckily we are both Tri Delta’s, so it works out.
But there is nothing like a true friend to show you steadfast love.
So here’s to you Sarah,
Let’s get crazy.

Our first photo together, long before we knew we would become roommates and best friends.

Our first photo together, long before we knew we would become roommates and best friends.

The Parent Trap Twins

The Parent Trap Twins

Catoosa, OK.

Catoosa, OK.



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