The word “no” changed my life.

I grew up a Girl Scout.
Sooner Council in Oklahoma.
I attended camp every single year at Camp Kate Portwood in Granite, OK.
And that’s still my home, even though it’s been closed for 3 years now.

My dream began around age 6,
I wanted to be a camp counselor.
Every summer I came home and talked about my future as a camp counselor.

The summer I was 16 and the summer I was 17 I was at CIT (counselor-in-training) with Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma.
Which is the council Sooner became after they merged with Redlands.

Now by no means is it ever truly said that if you complete CIT you’ll have a job at 18.
But no one, no one at all, had any doubts I would be hired.
Let’s just say, I’m good at what I do.

So I applied for Summer 2011 at Camp E-Ko-Wah.
After losing my original application and having to completely reapply,
I interviewed.

Weeks later I got the phone call that changed my life…
I wasn’t hired.
And through my tears that day, I decided, I wasn’t going to let these people define me.

I’d had the plan to apply to Our Chalet in Switzerland for summer 2012.
But with my new found determination, I turned the application in during the summer I wasn’t working camp.

I needed a signature from my council for the application–they refused.
So I went over there heads to nationals.
Got my signature.
And in March 2012 I got an email welcoming me to the Our Chalet and WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) family.

I worked hard at Our Chalet, had a blast, and became an overall better person and Scout.
I left with a pretty damn good reference letter, an international family and new home.

But I wasn’t done there… Oh not at all.

Summer 2013 was looming near,
And I knew I needed to find something to do and I was not about to try my luck with that council again.
So, with the help of a wonderful mentor, I found my dream job.
Challenge Adventure Specialist in the state of Colorful Colorado.
It was my dream job in my dream location, second only to my previously mentioned life in Switzerland.

After an application, an interview, plenty of emailing back and forth, and two phone calls later.
I was hired.
And yet again, I went off for the dream summer.
Stopping at nothing to prove I was worthy of my Scouting dreams.

It scares me to think if I had been hired by Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma for Summer 2011,
Maybe I’d still be there…
I wouldn’t have met women I call family,
I wouldn’t have a home in Switzerland and Colorado. (Two of the most beautiful places on this planet)
And I wouldn’t have realized, there is a world out there and I should stop at nothing to see as much as I can.

So thank you GSWOK…
You changed my life.
Even if that wasn’t your intention.

And an even bigger thank you to Our Chalet, WAGGGS, GSCO, Magic Sky Ranch, Becky Saad and all the others who impacted me through those two sections of Scouts.
The positive, adventurous, go-getter of a girl you all know (and most of the time love)… She is who she is because of you.


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