Be here now.

Recently, I’ve realized I’m turning into an old person.
I’ve really been questioning this constant attachment to my phone.

Anyone who knows me,
I’m a pretty frequent user of Facebook, twitter, instagram and texting.
and while they’re all a lot of fun–they’re also, for the most part, pointless.

What do you gain from hours upon hours of checking your Facebook?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to have Facebook,
it keeps me in touch with my friends all around the world.
But unless I am holding a conversation with one of them,
why do I really check it ALL. THE. TIME.

I sit through classes checking Facebook, twitter, instagram,
And then… Repeat.
It’s a constant thing, and I’ll take a break to send a text or a snapchat.

Last night I was at a concert,
and I will admit, I was on my phone a good portion of the night.
BUT that was because Oklahoma State was playing in a HUGE game and I needed score updates from ESPN.
Though, when I looked around, the majority of people were on their phones too.
But not for a score update.
Facebook check ins.
Texts to friends.
Constant photos or videos.
Snapchatting EVERYONE in their phones.

I’d bet a good 70% of your friends care less about you checking in a at the concert.
I’m sure your friends would understand if you didn’t reply and said later, “Sorry I was at a concert!”
(I will admit, I sent a few texts during, but they were to my mother, because she’s my mother)
Pictures at concerts 9 times out of 10 turn out like a blur of lights and crap.
Videos sound like a cat is dying.
The view of the concert is a lot better not behind the screen of your phone.
And sending 200 snapchats of the concert to your friend is just bragging.

Be. Here.
You paid for that concert,
and you came to the concert with the people you did for a reason.
So be there.
Enjoy it.
Take the memories with you.

Social media is ruining us all.

Now I’m going to go share this blog post on every social media I have,
because I want readers.

Double-edged sword kids.


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