The land we belong to is grand!

I’ve traveled many places.
And lived a few of them.
The majority of places I have been, I would consider beautiful.
In their own way,
But there’s one place that stands above the rest…


Or OklaHOME, as I like to refer to it sometimes.
I’m very grateful that I have such an amazing place to come home to after a trip somewhere.

The people, the views, the history, and the overall feel of the place.
That’s what makes this state grand.

Call me biased, but I’d reckon Oklahoma has some of the best and most loyal people living here.
Tragedy has struck this state more than once.
May 3, 1999.
April 19, 1995
May 20, 2013.
Natural disasters and terrorists attacks.

In the wake of a disaster Oklahomans take charge, and do what they have to do.
At 5 years old, I was volunteering to pass out food after a massive tornado struck the state.
The people of this state are often on the scene of a disaster before emergency personnel arrive.
On May 20, 2013, when the largest tornado in history took almost the same path as it had back in 1999,
Oklahoma didn’t sit around and wait to help.
We shut down highways trying to get to Moore to help.
Our blood banks had to TURN PEOPLE AWAY.
Volunteer areas had to TURN PEOPLE AWAY.
Stores ran out of water and other supplies, because people were buying them to donate.

On May 20th and the days following,
I saw a destroyed state,
but more than that, I saw the strongest and most loving people in this country begin to rebuild.

Another amazing thing about this place I call home is the views.
From the “mountains”, to green country, to rolling wheat fields, to the sunsets that are amazing anywhere in the state.
There are views for all types.
I grew up playing in the those hills we proudly call mountains.
Driving to Stillwater for college I am always taken aback by the beautiful scenery of the trees as I enter green country.
Rolling wheat fields can seen about anywhere in this state, and one after another they’re still gorgeous.
And those sunsets…
I think anyone who has seen an Oklahoma sunset can agree,
God is present, God is real, and God is good.
That sums up the sunsets, I’d say.

We also have a rich Indian history.
And many many fun facts about silly laws, famous people and inventions from this state.
and if you know me at all I’ve probably told you one, or all, of the fun facts I know.
I’m proud what can I say?

There’s a million things I could say about this great place,
but I don’t do it justice.
You just have to see it, live it and feel it all for yourself.

So if you want to hate on my state,
take your comments and yourself elsewhere.

DSCF2796 DSCF2801 DSCF2824


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