As long as I’m living, Sarah the Kitten, I’ll be.

It was 9:20 in the morning.
My phone rang.
It was my mum.
And before I answered that call, I knew…
someone had died.

Early morning phone calls are a theme in my life.

But this wasn’t just anyone,
This was my Pop-pop.
The man who’s always been there.
He loved me, he laughed with me, and he rooted me on.

He might not have always made the best choices in his life,
but in my life he was always a hero.
He loved fiercely and was the most stubborn man to walk this Earth.

I don’t have a lot of words to explain what’s going on in my head.
But I’m going to miss him more than words can say.

He rooted me on always–
He never missed a birthday or Hanukkah,
When I was 5 he gave me a gold Tiffany’s necklace,
and I think that’s a lot of trust to put in a 5-year-old.

His favorite thing to tell me was,
“It doesn’t matter what you are, as long as you’re a good one”

Sarah the Kitten,
I’ll always be.

163670_1725470971711_3145923_n DSC00618


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