Home is where ever I am with you.

2012 was the year my life changed.
I had  the most amazing chance of a lifetime.
To live and work in Switzerland.

If you know me then you know I could talk for hours on Switzerland.
But the best part of that summer was the people.
The girls I had the chance to live with, work with, adventure with, and let’s be real, drink with,
were honestly some of the greatest women I’ve ever met.

Naomi, Heather Canada, Mariam, Cate, Libby, Heather Tennessee, Carly, Crystal, Paige and Jess…
We were all vastly different, and thrown into one house.
We didn’t have to like each other,  I mean we only had 3 months together.
But somehow we ended up close.
And damn I learned a lot from them.

One woman taught me that sometimes you just need to go far away from home, and have adventure, and maybe never return home.
One woman taught me that you’re never too old for a new life path.
One woman taught me that feminism isn’t a bad word.
There were a lot more lessens that summer,
but all of them taught me to be even better than I had been before.

And not only the lessons I learned, but the adventures I had.
We had the wildest times.
Crazy Cow restaurants in Zürich.
Church towers in Bern.
Scootering down a mountain.
Ziplining, Rock climbing, high ropes courses, and of course, pendulum swings as a job.
Delta loving all across the country, and now the world.
Ham’s Bistro.
No internet night.

Though we spread extremely far apart after our summer
(the closest one being an 8 hour drive)
We have managed to stay fairly close.

Yes, we don’t talk every day.
And yes, I haven’t seen a single one since I departed in August 2012,
But I know that in a moments notice these women are a Facebook wall post, a WhatsApp message, or even a snail mail letter away.
Even my worst days can be turned around by one of them posting in our group page on Facebook,
and normally about nothing relevant in life.

I may not know where I am headed in life,
but I do know that I have a person waiting to welcome me home if I find myself in the same state, province or country as them.
And they’ll always have a home in Oklahoma,
not that I really expect them to use that one a lot…

These women changed my life,
and I may never be able to tell them just how much I truly love them.


The best group of Vollies you'll ever meet.

The best group of Vollies you’ll ever meet.


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