Little Miss Fix-It

Something got said today, and as much as I try, I can’t stop being annoyed about it.
A ton of us were hanging around chatting,
when a young man said “men should know how to fix things.”
so I replied “women can know how to fix  things too.”
to which this man informed he didn’t believe that.

I’m sorry, WHAT.
That just about knocked my little feminist socks off.
HOW can someone possibly think I don’t have the same rights as a man to know how to fix something if it breaks.
I am no less intelligent, and no less able, therefore, IT’S ALLOWED.

From a young age,
when something would break my dad would say “Sarah, come help me fix this so you learn how”
To which my bratty self replied something like, “but daddyyyy, it’s your job…”
and then my realist of a father would say, “I won’t always be around to help you”
I always took that as “some day daddy will die, get your butt over there kid”

Now that I’m in college I live in an apartment and hour and half away from my father.
My roommate is female, just like me.
So when something breaks, guess who has to fix it?
One of us.
Normally I will call one of my parents to make sure I’m doing it ok,
Since they’re still alive and thriving I might as well use their knowledge.

Now read that again, I call one of my parents.
So that means 50% of the time I call my mother,
honestly, probably more than 50% because she answers my calls faster.
And crazy concept, my mother is a women, and she normally knows how to fix whatever I am calling about.

So the idea to me that only men are allowed to fix something is downright stupid.
I was going to say ridiculous, or preposterous, to sound more educated,
but honestly, stupid really sums it up.

So women, my advice for you, don’t marry a man who thinks you can’t do anything he can.
Because I bet you can, and half the time you’re wearing heels or just got a fresh manicure.

And men, my advice to you, don’t say statements like that.
Would you say it to your mother? No…

Disclaimer: If you think this post is about you, it probably is.
If it is, I ask you kindly to keep your opinions to yourself.


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