Delta Lovin’ & Evergreen Livin’ & California Dreamin’


That’s where I spent my Fall Break.
I went out to see a friend of mine from Evergreen that is a Tri Delta out there.

I landed in California at 10 at night,
and after a slight case of  the nerves,
It was so good to be back with the girl who’d been my best friend during Costa Rica.

We then went to Chapman University, where she goes to school.
I got to meet a ton of OUR sisters, and they were all so nice and welcoming,
So, HUGE shout-out to Chapman Tri Delta.

Friday we spent the whole day in Disneyland and California Adventure.
It really is the happiest place on Earth.
I was like a little kid again.
And amusement parks are just so much fun with friends.
Then that night we went to Sprinkles–
Did you know you can have a cupcake and ice cream?! 

Saturday we went to LA.
Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and 3rd Street.
All so much fun.
I love getting to be a tourist,
And most of what we’d done, Megan had never done either.

I was so sad to see my time winding to an end,
but I am so happy to have gotten to go somewhere I’d never been and experience it with such an amazing sister.

Also, HUGE HUGE HUGE shout-out to Kelsey, Megan M, Helen, Gaby and Monica for all being SO amazing and welcoming.
I felt like part of the group, like I’d been there all along.
I wasn’t just Megan’s friend, I was all of their friends.

Guess it’s true, sisterhood is an amazing bond and no matter where you go, sisters all around will welcome you.

Megan and I in Hollywood.

Megan and I in Hollywood.


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