They told me I’d fall in love.

I’ve heard it said many times,
College is the time to fall in love.
You go to college,
take a few classes,
meet the man,
settle down,
and live happily ever after.
They told me I’d fall in love.

And they were all right…
I have fallen in love.
I’ve fallen in love with the world, Girl Scouts, inspiring people, empowerment for women.
Oh yes, I’ve fallen in love many times over.

I was in high school on my first two trips out of the country,
But even then I knew I loved traveling,
But in college I learned I didn’t love traveling just to see the historical sights.
I have fallen in love with cultures, breathtaking views, people, food and languages.
I want to dedicate my life to learning the ways of the world.
And I am the happiest and calmest when I am immersed in a culture that isn’t mine.

Girl Scouts,
It’s always been a love of mine,
but my love has deepened in college.
I’ve met brilliant people, I’ve lived beautiful places, and I’ve had the best jobs,
all because a women named Juliet Gordon Low had an idea back in 1912.

The people.
Oh the people.
I’ve met brilliant people during my time at college,
and I’ve fallen in love a million times over with everyone I meet.
People I meet continuously bring new things to the table,
and I am constantly working on myself because of people I meet.

Something frightening happened to me summer of 2012.
I became a feminist.
No I don’t burn bras, and yes I do shave my legs.
But let me tell you this, I fell in love with the radical idea that women are people too.
We deserve all the same rights as men.
So in short, I fell in love with my own ability to be amazing.

So yes society, I did fall in love.
Not in the classic girl meets boy, and they never tell their kids they met drunk at a party in college, kind of way.
But oh, did I fall in love.
And weirdly, I’m happy with my love.
My love, my passions, will never wake up one morning and decide they don’t love me back.
They’re just going to continue to grow,
and that is beautiful in itself.


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