Goodnight September, Hello Adulthood

Hey hey October.
You always have that way of sneaking up on me.
I know, every year, October 1st will come again.
But then suddenly it’s here.
And it hits like a ton of bricks.

8 years.
Has it really been 8 years that I’ve hated October 1?

I don’t really remember all of the details of that day.
Was I sleeping in to miss church?
Or was it just so early in the morning that I hadn’t woken for church yet?
Regardless, it was a Sunday, and the phone did ring, and the girl on the other line was crying her eyes out.
Those are facts I remember.

“Kaysi is dead”

What that can’t be.
She’s 17.
17 year olds don’t die.
They just don’t.
But apparently, they do.

Honestly, everything becomes a blur.
I do know there were a lot of tears and confusion and anger.
A candlelight prayer vigil and the whole town crying together.

And a funeral.
Of course, there was a funeral.
Little kids, and that’s just what we were, should never attend funerals.
But alas, the world isn’t always right.

The beginning notes of Far Away still send chills down my spine.
And the date October 1st will always come again next year.

You grow up fast when you attend friends funerals.


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