Kindred Spirit

A mere four months ago,
I told this girl I’d never met I was dying to be her friend.
She’d posted a cool photo of herself on Facebook, and I left the creepiest  comment ever.
“I just want to be your friend”
(or a variation of that)

Ok, don’t think I’m too weird.
We were about to start a job together in about 2 weeks.

I thought she was cool.
I thought she had her life together.
I thought she was popular.
I thought she was beautiful.
I thought she had a great personality.
What I learned, was never ever judge by a photo on Facebook.

She’s still cool, beautiful, great personality, and extremely loved.
But what I didn’t know by a photo on Facebook was,
DAMN, she’d seen the world.
And I don’t mean she was well-traveled.
She had demons in her past.
And some of them aren’t quite gone yet.

Camp finally came, and neither of us talked to each other…
Thankfully, after an awkward first few days together,
we rekindled our hopeful friendship with a silly improv game.
And from there came a magical friendship.

A simple blog post will never ever express what this girl means to me.
But it was worth a shot.

She’s taught me so much.
And she supports me everyday.
And I support her.
I am honest when I say, she’s one of the greatest humans I’ve ever known.

This is the line where I’d dramatically say what she’s been through,
But it isn’t my story to tell,
But it takes a truly admirable, Jesus-loving women to handle what she’s handled,
and is still handling.
And that is one of the reasons this woman is one of my role models.

I cannot wait for our friendship to grow.
I cannot wait to see her again.
I cannot wait until these demons stop plaguing her.
I cannot wait until she is 100% healthy again.
I cannot wait to see how she continues to support my life.
I cannot wait to see where our lives take us.
I simply, cannot wait.

“Magic is the love that stays when good friends have to leave.”


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